At Adak our customers are the center of our business. We line up all company objectives with the expectations of our clients and try to make all decisions with them in focus. We are extremely responsive, preemptive, and direct and committed in all dealings with customers. What we do is listen to our customers and deliver escalating value in the markets we serve.
Service Excellence
For us Service Excellence means that we present what we promise and add value that exceeds what is expected. By being under promise, over delivering and providing outstanding attention to details we work hard to become one of the best for superior service-not just among electric panel companies, but among all manufacturing companies of Iran.
We encourage innovative culture and attitude across our company because we believe that Innovation is the secret to our business survival. We think in a different way and struggle to employ creativity and innovative thinking to everything we do. Innovation is a major driver for our growth and the reason we constantly inspire our people to challenge conventional practices to reach continuous improvement.
We make sure that all we produce is of a steadily high quality so that our customers can be satisfied of our work. Selecting proficient personnel for our work, supplying the finest equipment and material, applying the best existing practices, and always challenging ourselves to improve, we keep trying the name ABN on any product to be a guarantee of quality.

We always attempt to be repeatable and dependable in all that we do. We accept our individual and group responsibilities and we meet our commitments. We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions by:

  • Emphasizing on finding solutions and attaining results
  • Committing to decisions once they are made
  • Keeping promises made to others
  • Committing to the success of all stakeholders
At Adak, we make every effort to do all tasks properly the first time, and to complete assignments in a timely and cost effective style for the benefit of ourselves along with our customers. We endeavor to be efficient by developing clear policies and procedures, ensuring our policies and procedures are current and relevant, providing ongoing training for our personnel, and exploiting best practices for time and cost management.
At Adak, we direct all issues of business with integrity. We proudly maintain the values of honesty, faithfulness and sincerity, while staying fair and ethical in even the most difficult situations. We seek to constantly uphold a professional manner despite facing critical decisions while conducting business.
We believe, by being consistent in our activities and following a high standard of morality and ethnicity in everything we do, we will all achieve personal and professional success.
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