Standards and SpecificationsType-tested lowvoltage                IEC 60439,61439

switchgear and control assembly   (VDE 0660 Part 500)IEC 61641, (TTA)Testing of response to    VDE 0660 Part 500, Supplement internal faults 2

Creepage distances and clearanceRated impulse withstand voltage   8kV (Uimp)

Overvoltage category                   III

 Pollution Degree                            3
Rated isolation voltage (Ui)1000 V
Rated operation voltage (Ue)Up to 690 V
Rated currents (In)

Busbar (3-pole and 4-pole)

Main horizontal busbar                   Rated current Ratedup to 7400A
 Peak withstand current (Ip)up to  375kA
 Rated short-term withstand current(icw)up to 150ka1s upt to 120
 Vertical busbar for circuit breaker   Rated currentKa, 3sUp to 6300A
 Peak withstand current (Ip)Up to 250 kA
 Rated short-term withstand current(icw)Up to 100 kA
 Vertical Busbar for fixed-mounted   Rated current design

Peak withstand current (Ip)

1S up to 80 kA, 3SUp to 1400A


Up to 163 kA

 Rated short-term withstand current(icw)

Vertical busbar for in-line plug-in    Rated current design  (3NJ6)

Up to 65 kA*. 1s


Up to 50 kA, 3sUp to 2100 A

 Peak withstand current (Ip)Up to 110 kA
 Circuit breakersUp to 6300 A                       

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