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Maintenance of electrical switchgears

An electrical panel is a sensitive device with advanced equipment that is responsible for the control and stable distribution of electrical energy in a complex. This device includes various types such as low voltage switchgears and medium voltage switchgears. In order to maintain the quality of the system over time, it is essential that periodic switchgears maintenance services are performed according to a complete checklist. By means of electrical panel maintenance instructions, the possibility of breakdown and downtime for this device can be greatly reduced. In this article from Adak Behin Niroo website, we will introduce various and widely used methods in maintaining electrical panels. Do not forget to rate this article if it is useful to you and send it to your friends as well.

Electrical panel maintenance instructions

In general, the set of measures that must be taken in order to maintain the electrical panel includes the following:

Perform routine tests

Routine tests are used during the electrical panel maintenance phase to assess the safety aspects of the device. These tests typically consist of the following three sections, the details of which are defined in IEC61439-1 and IEC61439-2:

A: Insulation review
Includes insulation resistance measurement and dielectric test. One of the purposes of this test in maintaining the electrical panel is to find insufficient distances. To check the insulation resistance, turn off the electrical panel. It is then measured with an ohmmeter with a minimum voltage of 500VDC. It should be noted that all keys must be ON and there should be no load on the system.

B: Check the connection status of protection circuits
All connections are checked at this stage and defective or technically defective cases are identified and fixed.

C: Visual inspection
At this stage of maintaining the electrical panel, all parts and equipment are inspected for accuracy and physical health. Some of the things that should be done in a visual inspection are:

Check wiring, check peripherals, measure arcs, install installation distances, test electrical performance, mechanical condition of system, control degree of protection, check appearance, etc.

Electrical panel cleaning

If there is environmental pollution such as dust in the electrical panel environment, it can damage the system in the medium term. One of the purposes of maintaining an electrical panel is to minimize the presence of these particles. This will extend the life of the device and maintain its quality.

If dust is not removed from the machine, it can reduce insulation distances. As a result, an electrical discharge occurs and may cause a short circuit, shutdown and shock to the system. These particles can also combine with lubricants and reduce the quality of their work. As a result, friction on the surfaces increases and the system is severely damaged.

Lubrication of mechanical equipment

Lubrication of mechanical parts is one of the important items in the electrical panel maintenance checklist. Doing this in a timely manner reduces the involvement of parts and surfaces and increases the life of the device. Part of the mechanical parts of the electrical panel include the mechanism of switches, hinges, locks and disconnectors. Before lubrication, it is necessary to remove any dust from the surface of the desired location.

Wrenching of mechanical parts

Over time, mechanical components may require wrenching due to low or high vibrations or as a result of improper use. Therefore, this item is also included in the electrical panel maintenance checklist.

Performance testing of relays and protection equipment

The importance of protective equipment in electrical panels is not hidden from anyone. Due to the electrical and mechanical nature of this equipment, it is possible to damage it over time. Therefore, it is necessary to take this into account in the process of maintaining the electrical panel, and periodic and regular control of this issue should be on the agenda.

Check connections, switches

Fluctuations in the electrical panel are possible. As a result of these fluctuations that occur over time, there is a possibility of loosening of the busbar and other connections. On the other hand, the constant flow of electricity can cause the cables to heat up. As a result, the heat generated intensifies the state of change in the state of parts and joints. Therefore, in the maintenance visits of the electrical panel, these cases should be carefully investigated and troubleshooted.

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Check cables and insulators

Insulators and cables can also be slightly deformed for the reasons mentioned above. Therefore, in the maintenance checklist of electrical switchgears, all cables and insulators should be checked and faulty cases should be identified and reported as soon as possible.

Electrical panel safety checklist

Paying attention to safety is the first condition in any work. In order to have a stable and safe operation of the electrical panel, safety factors must be observed in it in a good way. Some of the things that should be on the electrical panel maintenance checklist to ensure the safety of the device are:

Use appropriate fire extinguishers

Fires are possible and are more likely to occur in electrical equipment. Therefore, in consultation with the manufacturer of the electrical panel, you must first identify the appropriate type of fire extinguisher and deploy it on site. It is also necessary to teach the relevant personnel how to work with these devices. Fire extinguishers, whether fire extinguishers or other items, should be inspected and recharged periodically, and their charge dates should be updated on the product sheet.

Training of personnel to prevent electric shock

To reduce the risk of electric shock in the system, certain personnel must be responsible for operating the switchgears. These personnel must have received the necessary warnings and training regarding the causes of the electric shock. Doing the right things in the electrical panel maintenance checklist can greatly prevent this from happening. But it does not eliminate the possibility of its occurrence, so take seriously the importance of training and choosing the right operator.

Other important items in the maintenance of electrical panels

Except for the above, try to follow the maintenance instructions according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is also useful to control the pressure breaker on an annual basis. Updating equipment and parts helps to increase the safety and efficiency of the device. Be careful of short circuits and direction of flow. Finally, if you do not specialize in the above, be sure to get help from the company that produces electrical panels. Adak Behin Niroo is ready to provide distinctive and professional services to you dear ones. To receive these services in the shortest possible time, just contact us:

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