ADAK Academy offers a series of switchgear training courses in the design, operation and maintenance of our product range. With many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of switchgears, Adak can provide are markably high level of training from a market front-runner.

Our Academy courses present focused classes in training groups at both elementary and advanced product training levels. Applicants gain hands on practical practice at a suitable level for their knowledge base and have the chance for further academic training.

All classes  re held at our facilities either within a classroom environment or the practical training center, by Adak trainers who are specialists in designing, installing, maintaining and operating Adak’s and other switchgear manufacturer’s products in the field.

Contact Information

Head Quarters: Unit 1 & 3, 199 Kaj Boulevard, Azimieh, Karaj, Iran

Tel: +982634156000


Tehran Office: Unit 6, 10 Mokhberi St., Ashrafi Esfahani Hwy, Tehran, Iran