Up to 7400 (A) and a voltage of 1000 (V) IP20 to IP54 protection

Fixed- Up to 1250 (A) and 24 KV with IP2XC protection grade

Withdrawable-Up to 4000 (A) and 24 KV with IP41 protection grade

Designing and production of compact substations

Low voltage switchgear

Our low voltage switchgear is a cutting-edge international low voltage device with newest fabrication technology and also advanced switch and automation equipment. With its standard structure in construction and industry, components from all world major device producers (SIEMENS, ABB, Schneider, etc.), can be perfectly installed. It can be applied in power distribution system with different capacity and maximum rated current up to 7400A.
Adak low voltage switchgears are type-tested to IEC 60439 and 61439 and designed for maximum reliability, safety, serviceability and usability.

Medium voltage switchgear

A perfect Medium Voltage switchgear solution is offered from Adak, allowing you to deal with one skilful company and keep things simple.
Producing type-tested (IEC 62271) MV Switchgear from world main manufacturers we guarantee our well-engineered and proficiently commissioned products will be the essence of your power supply.

 Our medium voltage switchgears have the following features:
• Fix and Withdrawable MV Switchgear and Ring Main Units (RMU)
• AIS or GIS switchgears
• Interlocking systems for safety and preventive switching faults
• Modular and extendable switchboards
• Applying life safety protection relays
• Expert installation teams with MV switching experience
• In house maintenance using our Service Division

Compact Substation

Our prefabricated Secondary Substations are defined as substations with Type- tested equipment comprising distribution transformer, medium-voltage switchgear, and low-voltage switchboard connections and associated equipment in an enclosed unit. These substations are normally installed in places accessible to the public and guarantee protection for all people according to identified service conditions.


For years we have been a source of lighting poles for many projects, such as power plants, refineries, sport complexes, ports, parks and other commercial or industrial projects across the country. We have pioneered in the design and manufacture of aluminum and steel poles to keep up with the requirements of our clients.


Metal Structures

Adak Behin Niroo also specializes in designing, engineering, and manufacturing custom, accurate, sheet metal structures, enclosures, cabinets and every other metal made fabrications. Our product solutions are extensively used in the storage and computing, utility, industrial power generation and distribution industries. Adak majors in providing the lowest product cost by employing cost-effective designs.


Cable Trays & Ladders

Adak is involved in production and providing an extensive variety of Cable Trays & Ladders, which are much-admired for their durability and dimensional precision. We design and manufacture these products in accordance with the specific needs of the clients.


In addition to producing world-class, high-quality products, Adak offers a wide range of engineering services at the regional and national levels. For more information, visit our service page.

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