فهرست مطالب1 Maintenance of electrical switchgears2 Electrical panel maintenance instructions3 Perform routine tests4 Electrical panel cleaning5 Lubrication of mechanical equipment6 Wrenching of mechanical parts7 Performance testing of relays and protection equipment8 Check connections, switches9 Check cables and insulators10 El


فهرست مطالب1 LV switchgear2 Introduction of LV switchgear3 Application of LV switchgear4 Types of low voltage LV switchboards5 Low Voltage switchgear features6 Standards used in design and construction7 Check for insulation8 Check the connections of protective circuits9 Final checks and inspections10 Internal equipment11 Other e


فهرست مطالب1 Low voltage switchgear and the most important points before buying2 Introduction of low voltage switchgear3 Where is a low voltage switchgear used?4 Power supply for proper operation of the switchgear5 Types of models and features Low voltage switchgear6 1- Based on body structure (standing, wall mounted and rack-ty

فهرست مطالب1 Everything about medium voltage switchboards2 Medium voltage switchgear3 Electrical switchgear voltage classes according to ANSI and IEEE standards4 What are the types of medium voltage switchgear ?5 GIS gas insulation electrical panel6 Metal Clad Medium voltage switchgear 7 Metal Enclosed switchgear8 Pad-Mounted S


فهرست مطالب1 Compact substation2 What are the main features of Compact substation ?3 What is the use of prefabricated substation ?4 The main components of a compact substation5 Measuring equipment:6 Important points in prefabricated substation design7 Compact substation Foundation8 What is the standard for prefabricated substati


فهرست مطالب1 Manufacturing of the switchgear 2 Steps of making electrical switchboards3 1- Design and preparation of isometric map (cubicle) and location (layout)4 2. Welding, cutting, bending and drilling of the body5 3. Body painting6 4- Assembling the skeleton and body of the electrical panel7 5-Assembly of electrical parts

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