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Low voltage switchgear and the most important points before buying

Switchgear refers to mostly metal containers for storing industrial electrical components. The main task of these cabinets is to create a suitable space for the installation of electrical equipment and also to protect them from external factors. Low voltage switchgear are also one of the most common and widely used types of industrial switchgear. There are generally three types of switchgear based on the operating voltage range. This category includes:

1. Low Voltage Switchgear up to 1000 volts
2. Medium Voltage Switchgear
3. High Voltage Switchgear

In the following, we will introduce and review the first type of these industrial electrical panels. This article is one of the most complete content available on the Internet in this field. Therefore, we suggest that you follow this article to the end and send it to your friends as well.

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Introduction of low voltage switchgear

In general, industrial switchgear with a voltage of up to 1000 volts are called low voltage switchgear. Inside the cabin of this panel are various parts including switches, switches, relays, etc. Each of these components acts as part of a very regular system and has a specific task. The confinement of the switchboard space minimizes many of the dangers of using high voltage electrical equipment for people. Also, the body of the electrical panel, by protecting its internal equipment against environmental factors such as dust, water and pollution, helps to ensure its security.

Where is a low voltage switchgear used?

Low voltage switchgears are commonly used in large buildings, hospitals, parks, companies and factories, refineries and oil and gas fields. Depending on the design and engineering done by industrial electrical experts for each project, the type of panel used varies. A large-scale project with several boards may be implemented. On the other hand, another project may be implemented with the help of medium voltage electrical panel. It is even possible to use a combination of these switchgear depending on the needs and conditions of the project.

Power supply for proper operation of the switchgear

The power supply for the voltage switchgear is using a transformer with a voltage of 230/430 volts. Due to the fact that this switchgear does not need high voltages for proper operation, its sales market is very good and wide.

Types of models and features Low voltage switchgear

Like many other engineering systems and equipment, low voltage switchboards are highly versatile. Due to the fact that the design for each project is done by reputable companies such as Adak Behin Niroo. Obviously, we face a wide range of diversity. At the same time, if we want to distinguish between the types of these panels according to conventional criteria, we can do the following:

Due to the type of power supply required for the operation of low voltage switchgears, this product has a very good and wide sales market.

1- Based on body structure (standing, wall mounted and rack-type)

It is not possible to judge with certainty which of these models is superior to the other. Because each project has its own conditions. Therefore, the company that designs and manufactures low voltage switchboards always tries to design and implement the most optimal mode depending on the client’s conditions. For example, if there is enough space on both sides of the switchgear and there is a need to access equipment from the front and rear of the cab, a standing model may be chosen. But if there is a space limit. Or if the number of elements and equipment used is small, a desktop or wall model will be a better option.

Multipurpose switchgear

The low-voltage multi-purpose electrical switchgear is made in a standing position, and inside it, there is power, control, pneumatic, etc. equipment. These panels are usually made at a height of two meters and include a metal frame, door and foundation. It is also possible to install several hooks on the roof to move the panels.

Wall mounted switchgear

Low-voltage electrical panel wall type, mounted on the wall or inside it with strong and durable connections. There are also two types of wall electrical panels. Oiled or galvanized sheets are used in the manufacture of these electrical panels. A number of hinged scrapers may also be used for added security.

On surface switchgear

With the help of special fittings such as roulette bolts or earrings, this model of electrical tabs is installed on the wall.

Built-in wall panel (Flash mounted switchgear)

These boards are installed deep in the wall or wall. Built-in industrial electrical panel in two forms: rack (shelved and suitable for control and telecommunication equipment) and swing swing, which have glass doors and access to internal components is easier but the price is higher.

2- Based on the place of installation and use (Indoor and Outdoor)

Low voltage switchgears can be installed both indoors and outdoors. If the panel is installed indoors, it needs less IP standards. Because it is less prone to environmental damage. But if there is a need to install low voltage industrial electrical switchgear in the outdoor environment, the situation will be different. In the open environment, the electrical panel is exposed to sunlight, wind, dust, humidity, high temperature and water and other harmful factors. Therefore, first of all, the degree of IP protection should be higher. This means that better and more complete insulation should be done for this model. Body material and even color thickness in this model is different from the internal type. The exterior panel has a protective cap. This model is also called sprinkler panel.

Did you know that Adak Low Voltage Electrical Panel has a type test certificate from reputable laboratories around the world?

3- Based on the type of design (SIVACON and RITTAL)

Sivacon electrical switchgear is a type of low voltage switchgear. This model is mostly used in large places with high consumption. Power plants, refineries and industrial production companies are the customers of this product. Sivacon panel needs a lot of space for installation and operation. In terms of design and implementation, this type of low voltage switchboard has different subtleties and complexities that only a limited number of companies can build. On the other hand, Rital electrical switchboard is considered as one of the popular designs in the manufacture and production of electrical switchboards. One of the major advantages of this model is that it takes up less space than the Sivacon model. It is even possible to install the Rital model electrical panel on the wall.

4- Custom design

Depending on the need, the overall structure of the low voltage switchboard body may be enclosed in metal. These panels are in the form of a fully enclosed metal enclosure and include two types of Metal Clad with separate enclosures (busbar, overhead cable, control and switch enclosure) and Compartment Type with non-detachable enclosure.

Low voltage switchgear prices

The cost of building a low voltage switchgear depends entirely on the type of application and the equipment used in the switchgear building. In other words, each project has its own conditions. In order to receive a valid and accurate price inquiry, all you have to do is scan the QR code and complete the relevant form so that ADAC experts can contact you as soon as possible.

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