?What is compact substation

Compact substation

Prefabricated compact substation is a structure made of metal or sandwich panel. In this structure, various electrical equipment such as transformers, electrical panels and recording and measuring equipment are placed in it. This substation is mostly used in open places and spaces where there is public traffic. In this article, we will review the general structure of a compact substation and its components and the design standards of a safe and efficient prefabricated post, stay tuned!

پست پیش ساخته در پارک

What are the main features of Compact substation ?

Compact prefabricated substation has several advantages that have led to the growing use of it by various companies and organizations. Some of these features include:

  • Easy shipping
  • High safety and security
  • Remote control capability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low cost construction
  • Possibility of installation in public places
  • Ability to prepare and deliver in the shortest time
  • Saving on land supply in concrete substations

What is the use of prefabricated substation ?

Prefabricated compact substations are mostly used in public thoroughfares such as parks, commercial buildings, residential towers, power plants, petrochemical complexes, manufacturing and industrial companies, and electricity distribution networks.

The main components of a compact substation

There are various parts and equipment in the building of a compact substation . These equipment include the following:

Measuring equipment:

Includes fuse, voltage measuring device, active and reactive power, power factor and meter

Power Cable

In the compact substation , various types of multi-strand high voltage cables and single-strand low voltage cables are used as input and output current conductors to the system.

Types of busbar

Busbar is a type of metal channel that can be used as a transmission line for copper and insulation lines in the path of connection blocks of distribution systems.

Protection and security system

This is done to reduce the error rate during system operation.

Interlock system

By creating a suitable distance between the equipment inside the compact substation , Interlock creates a type of insulation that can be operated with complete safety during periodic services and parts repairs.

تجهیزات داخلی پست برق

Important points in prefabricated substation design

When designing and engineering a compact substation, it should be noted that this structure will be installed mainly in a public place. Therefore, ensuring the safety of the general public and operating personnel should be at the forefront of the manufacturer’s attention. Other things to consider at this time are:

  • Predictability of easy installation on the foundation by bolts
  • Having high strength and durability against environmental and climatic conditions
  • Ventilation space forecast for cooling inside the compact substation
  • Observe the appropriate weight and dimensions for easy transportation
  • Use galvanized sheet to prevent corrosion, fire and heavy shocks
  • Separate input and output forecasts
  • Considered suitable width for doors for equipment entry and exit
  • The material of the doors, locks and hinges should be completely safe and impenetrable
  • Predict brightness inside compact substations

Compact substation Foundation

In order to securely install the structure on site, it is necessary to use a solid foundation that is at least 20 cm from the ground. In order to comply with the earthquake strength standards of the structure, galvanized bolts must be used in the foundation. At the bottom of the foundation there should be a space for liquids to escape.

What is the standard for prefabricated substation design?

In order to design and install prefabricated substations, the EN61330 standard can be used. Adherence to this standard ensures the safety and security of the prefabricated structure and its internal equipment. It also provides electricity to subscribers with high durability and reduces energy loss.

What is the degree of protection of the compact substation?

IP23 protection can be considered for prefabricated substations. Internal equipment can also have its own degree of protection. For example, the degree of protection of electrical panels can be IP42.

How much does it cost to build a compact substation?

The cost of building a prefabricated substation depends entirely on the type of structure and the internal equipment used in its construction. In order to inquire about the cost of building a compact substation, you can contact the staff of Adak Behin Niroo Company by scanning the following QR code and be informed of the price of your desired structure in the shortest possible time.

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Head Quarters: Unit 1 & 3, 199 Kaj Boulevard, Azimieh, Karaj, Iran

Tel: +982634156000

Email: info@adakbn-co.com

Tehran Office: Unit 6, 10 Mokhberi St., Ashrafi Esfahani Hwy, Tehran, Iran


Email: sales@adakbn-co.com