LV switchgear

LV switchgear

LV switchgear, meaning low voltage switchgear, is one of the most widely used models of industrial electrical panels, which generally covers up to 1000 volts. In this article, we will introduce the types of this electrical panel and express its features and applications and how to order its construction. Adak , the best switchgear manufacturer in Iran.

Introduction of LV switchgear

The LV electrical panel consists of a metal enclosure in two types, fixed and withdrawable, in which various electrical equipment and components are placed. Also, on its body, all kinds of signal lights and control buttons are installed. The purpose of using this model of electrical panel is to control the distribution of electrical energy and also to protect other equipment and electrical devices and users against power fluctuations.

Application of LV switchgear

Lv electrical switchboards are used in various manufacturing industries, power plants, petrochemicals, oil and gas fields, large-scale residential buildings and medium and large organizations separately or inside compact substations.

Types of low voltage LV switchboards

LV switchgear are available in different types depending on the type of internal mechanism and the purpose of its use. Including:

  • MCC control motor lv panel
  • PCC Power Center Control System
  • Protection and control system
  • Automation control
  • Power factor correction
  • Capacitive bank
  • Marshalling

Also, in this model of industrial electrical panel, a fixed and modular classification can be considered for the placement of electrical equipment, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Low Voltage switchgear features

LV or low voltage switchgear has a nominal voltage of 690 volts and a current range of up to 7400 amps. This device can be designed and manufactured in wall, built-in, surface and standing types. Also, if you need to install the device in the open space, you can use the type of sprinkler panel. The body of the electrical panel is made of galvanized sheet. Electrostatic powder paints are also used during a special process for dyeing.

Did you know you know? Adak Behin Niroo has the ability to design and manufacture various types of LV electrical panels in METAL CLAD and METAL ENCLOSED types.

Standards used in design and construction

Most LV switchgear follow standards 61439 and 60439. According to these standards, the details of assembly and how to test the device are described in detail. Some routine tests in this area include:

Check for insulation

Includes insulation resistance measurement and dielectric check.

Check the connections of protective circuits

Includes control of test conditions, measurement of connection continuity resistance and check of connection continuity.

Final checks and inspections

Includes various steps such as checking the wiring, checking the used accessories, taking the necessary action to prevent electric shock, testing mechanical parts, checking the degree of protection and so on.

Did you know? In this regard, Adak is proud to receive a type test certificate for low voltage electrical switchboards from the most prestigious laboratories in the world.

Internal equipment

Inside a low voltage switchgear are a variety of electrical components and equipment, including the following:


A contactor is a device that causes the rapid disconnection and connection of three phases in the circuit in the required conditions. The best of these parts are Schneider contactor and ABB contactor, which are used in lv electrical switchboards by reputable brands such as Adak.


BIMETAL is a device that placed under the contactor and acts as a system protector against overload. This device acts as an automatic cut-off of the engine when additional load is imposed. Its basis is the curvature of the metal due to high heat.

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MCB and MCCB keys:

The basis of these switches is similar to the fuse. These switches, with their high sensitivity, cut off the current when creating additional load in the system.


This switch is usually both magnetic and electric.

Other equipment used

A LV switchgear can include other components such as fuses, sensors, microswitches, switches and lights, and more.

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LV switchgear price

Due to the fact that the LV switchgear is flexible in terms of dimensions and equipment used, to inquire about its price, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer. In this regard, Adak Behin Niroo Company is ready to provide various services through various methods, including design, construction, installation and after-sales service to your loved ones. For this purpose, it is enough to contact us through the following phone numbers or by scanning the QR code below, fill in the price inquiry request form. Rest assured that our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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