Gas Insulated Switchgear

Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

GIS stands for Gas Insulated Switchgear, which means insulated by gas. GIS switchgear does not suffer from ARC arc when connecting and disconnecting current due to proper integration and insulation. SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) gas is most often used as an insulating gas in medium voltage switchgear. In this article, we will introduce this type of electrical panels and review their main features, stay tuned!

Application of GIS electrical panel

Gas insulation panels are used in manufacturing industries, power plants, oil and gas fields and petrochemicals. GIS panel is suitable for environmental conditions with high humidity and limited physical space.

GIS compared to AIS

Compared to AIS (air insulation) switchgear, gas insulation switchgear are more compact and compact. Due to the placement of SF6 gas inside the vacuum chamber, it is possible to compress the dimensions of the panel up to fifty percent. As a result, the equipment and internal components can be positioned and installed closer together. Also, this model is more economical in terms of cost than the air insulation model. Gas insulation electrical panels have major uses in the country. Due to its compactness and reasonable price and the possibility of installation in harsh weather conditions, consumers’ interest in this electrical panel is expanding. In addition to the above, GIS panels have more advantages than AIS air insulation electrical panels:

  • Longer lasting
  • Requires less maintenance
  • More security

Types of GIS switchboards

In general, gas insulated electrical panels can be classified into two types:

GIS medium voltage switchgear

Medium voltage gas insulation electrical panels are designed and produced in different capacities and depending on the needs of the employer. Usually, these boards are made of Metal-clad and modular, and if they are provided by reputable companies such as Adak Behin Niroo, they have a type test certificate. Medium voltage GIS switchboard can be installed in urban and residential environments. In addition, power plants, industrial and production areas, and power distribution and transmission lines are some of the uses of gas insulation panels.

High voltage GIS switchboard

This type of gas insulation panel is used in upstream industries and power plants and electricity distribution.

Gas insulated electrical panel components

A gas insulated switchboard typically includes the following equipment and components:

  • Automatic switch fuse current transformer voltage transformer
  • Bass load circuit breaker Bimetal switch Heat contactor switch
  • GIS dashboard features

In order to order the GIS switchboard that suits your needs, you need to look for the following features in it:

  • Provide the required current level
  • Possibility of installation in different weather conditions
  • Ability to save physical space required
  • Existence of modular structure in electrical panel design
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Be safe and have a typing test certificate
  • Easy maintenance
  • High durability and stable performance
  • Affordable price
  • Resistance to environmental damage such as earthquakes and storms

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What are the reasons for using GIS switchboards?

Today, electricity distribution has many challenges. One of these is the transmission of very high current and voltage levels in urban areas. This goal makes the switchboard have the following features:

  • Occupy little space
  • Make very little noise
  • Do not harm the environment
  • Be completely reliable and safe

Fortunately, the design of the GIS switchgear makes the above features achievable.

Due to its smaller dimensions, longer durability and easier maintenance, the GIS switchgear has been well received by consumers.

Various methods of gas insulation in electrical panels

Depending on the structure of the electrical panel, there are a variety of insulation methods. In general, there are 5 different methods in this field:

1- Isolated GIS board with isolated phases (isolated phase switchgear)

In this configuration, each phase of the Bay is collected individually. In other words for each phase:

  • A pole of the current breaker
  • A phase assembly of the flow converter
  • A simple pole of a separator

Are combined with each other, GIS with isolated phases require a larger bay compared to other GIS switchboards.

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2. Integrated three phase switchgear

In this type of gas insulated electrical panel, all three phases of the circuit breaker are enclosed in a single metal enclosure. This system consists of three phases of current transformers and disconnectors. This structure creates a three-phase module for each section. As can be guessed, the size of this module is one third of the GIS panel with isolated phases.

3. Hybrid GIS system

On the other hand, we have a hybrid GIS system. This type of GIS switchgear is a suitable combination of common elements between the three-phase system and the isolated phase system. Here, the three-phase bus load system shortens the bus bus connection. Also, the elements of the insulated gas insulation system stop the phase-to-phase faults. As a result, it is an optimized design that takes into account both space constraints and is easier to maintain.

4-Compact GIS board (Compact GIS)

In a compact type gas insulation board, the elements are compressed more than before. For example, in some designs, transformers, circuit breakers, earth switches, and other power supplies are housed together in a single capsule.

5. Highly integrated systems

This design was published in 2000. In this type of design, all GIS switchboard equipment is housed inside an enclosure. It is a cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly solution that can be implemented in all spaces.

How to order GIS electrical switchgear in Iran

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