Switchgear manufacturing

Manufacturing of the switchgear 

An electrical panel (switchgear) is a metal enclosure that holds a variety of electrical equipment. The main function of switchgear is to control electrical energy, protect other devices and equipment, and control the safe and simple electrical system of a complex. Making electrical panels requires high expertise and skills. For this purpose, it is necessary that a group consisting of qualified electrical engineers work in the design and drawing department. Also, in the production line, experienced technical technicians should make parts. Finally, in order to assemble and test efficiency and safety, the presence of quality control experts is very important. In this article, we will review the method of making electrical switchboards. Stay with Adak , the best manufacturer of switchgear in Iran

Steps of making electrical switchboards

In general, an industrial electrical panel in the electrical panel manufacturing workshop becomes as the final product in 5 steps from the initial idea. These steps are in order:

1- Design and preparation of isometric map (cubicle) and location (layout)

At this stage, after the initial negotiations and preparation of the draft contract, the expert of the switchgear manufacturing company will visit the site of the employer project. Then, by providing information to the design and engineering unit, in case of agreement on the generalities of the project and concluding a contract, the drawing work begins.

2. Welding, cutting, bending and drilling of the body

At this stage, based on the plan provided by the design and engineering unit, the production team will cut and build with stainless steel for the body of the switchgear. The thickness of the steel in this case is usually between 1.5 to 2.5 mm. The difference in this number depends on the type of application and the place of use of the device. Preliminary work on steel must be done with sensitive machines and with utmost care. This accuracy and sensitivity ensures the quality of the chassis and the body of the electrical panel.

3. Body painting

After preparing the body, in the continuation of the process of making the electrical panel, the workers paint and polish the body in several stages. In order to achieve the ideal quality, a variety of electrostatic coating paints are used. This is done at four stations:

Degreasing: With the help of chemical solutions or the use of ultrasonic system, the steel surface is removed from any grease that affects the quality of the paint.
De-rusting: By using milling or sanding, any rust on the sheet is cleaned. If the amount of rust is high, sulfuric acid can be used in a controlled amount.
Phosphating: The third stage of the painting process in the construction of electrical panels is dedicated to phosphating. This reduces the chance of rust on the metal surface.
Insulation: At the end of the painting process of the body of the electrical panel, insulation is done.

4- Assembling the skeleton and body of the electrical panel

After the body paint dries, the workers connect the skeleton and the body and embed different supporting parts in it. With the aim that the device is ready to place electrical equipment in a suitable place inside it.

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5-Assembly of electrical parts and equipment and wiring

Finally, experienced technical technicians assemble all the equipment and wiring between them in a predetermined location inside the panel. Electrical components such as relays, contactors, sockets, circuit breakers, display panels, lights and warning signs, etc. are installed on the electrical panel. Also, the wiring and busbar required to complete the construction of the electrical panel is done.

5. Testing and quality control

After completing the process of making the switchgear , quality control experts will test the device with defined protocols. These tests include checking the appearance of the electrical panel and performing tests inside the factory. If the results of the inspections indicate the correctness of the production and assembly work, the machine will be sent to the relevant unit for packaging and delivery.

Electrical panel quality control test

After completing the assembly, all electrical panels are tested by ADAC experts

Knowledge and skills required to build electrical switchgear

In order to design and build an industrial electrical panel, people with different abilities need to work together. Some of the required sciences and technologies are stated below:

  • Familiarity with electrical equipment and how it works
  • Mastery of electrical engineering design and drawing software
  • Knowledge of the latest methods of body construction and electrical design of electrical panels
  • Understand electrical and electrical terms such as current and voltage and their relationships
  • Familiarity with international and national standards for designing and manufacturing electrical panels
  • Familiarity with production planning and time management methods
  • Ability to work with various machines including pressing, bending and drilling
  • Mastery of quality control methods and laboratory tests

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Construction of electrical panels with various applications

Depending on the place of use and the conditions of the project, the design and construction of electrical switchgear can be very different. For example, a residential complex may need a mural. While a large oil field requires a large number of low pressure switchboards and medium pressure switchboards. Generally, a standard electrical panel can be produced in the following ways:

1- Low voltage electrical panel up to 1000 volts
2- Medium pressure electrical panel up to 36 kV in fixed or sliding form
3. Protection and control panel
4. PCC Power Center Control System
5. MCC Center Control Engine System
6. Power factor correction panel
7. Capacitive bank
8. Home electrical panel
9-Elevator electrical panel

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Cost of making electrical switchboards

Depending on the device and equipment. the interior used, the thickness of the sheet, the number of cells, the dimensions of the body, whether it is fixed or movable and many other factors, the price of making the electrical panel will be different. Therefore, a very simple and safe way to inquire about the price and receive consulting services regarding the purchase of electrical panels, is to communicate with the experts of Adak Behin Niroo Company. For this purpose, you dear ones can easily benefit from the services of our experts in this field in the shortest possible time by scanning the following code or calling our phone numbers:

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